Service Process

1——Demand communication

Preliminary understanding of customer needs and conditions, purposes and production projects, such as the form of use, the availability of materials, the scope of application, delivery methods, etc. When the client’s background and commission objectives are clarified, the work can better meet the client’s expectations.

2——Provide a quotation

According to the communication direction, evaluate the production cost and work schedule for the customer’s reference. After the customer confirms the cooperation, they need to sign the quotation and pay the deposit at the same time. After confirming that the deposit has been entered into the account, the design work will be started, and the relevant workflow and details need to be confirmed at this stage.


Carry out creative ideas, data collection, carry out design implementation work, and make proposals to customers on the agreed schedule. The number of proposals varies from case to case. After the proposal, the client selects the design draft and gives feedback.

4——Case closed

The revision stage has different adjustment conditions according to different case types. When the appointed target is finally confirmed, please ask the client to pay the balance. The agreed production project will be delivered in full after the final payment is received, and the project will also end here.