Zangsen Shrine Market

The first shrine market in Taiwan with more than 10,000 people, and successfully promoted the characteristics of the park

In November 2020, Taoyuan Shrine held the “Zangsen Shrine Market” in the park for the first time in November 2020, inviting the public to come and experience the cultural celebration of Japanese heritage. A total of more than 20 special stalls were invited to the event. In order to allow the public to experience Japanese culture in person, the first two guided tours of daylight and starlight were challenged, leading the public to have a glimpse of the shrine’s day and night appearance, and planned a yukata rental activity, allowing the public to wear yukata, With a bamboo fan in hand and wooden sandals, you can experience the history and culture of Taoyuan Shrine together.

Year of implementation : 2021
Project Client : Taoyuan Martyrs Shrine Cultural Park