peach print life

With life as the theme, it connects the common points between Mazu New Village and the creator, with nostalgic illustration design

Mazu New Village was built in 1946 to house the family members of the army troops stationed on the Mazu Islands in Taiwan. It is the first family member’s village in Taoyuan City to be preserved through cultural assets, so as to continue the historical and cultural features of Mazu New Village. Under the restoration and reorganization of Taoyuan City Cultural Bureau, Matsu New Village has also become a multi-functional cultural and creative base. Various exhibitions are held here from time to time. While preserving the old houses, it also allows the public to see the life of the military dependents’ village. Amorous feelings and revitalizing the culture of military villages. The main axis of the exhibition is “home”, and the exhibition room is planned based on the space and function of the original home. The living room, study, bedroom, kitchen, etc., each space displays the corresponding theme and presentation. The list and exhibits of high-quality local manufacturers in Taoyuan are assembled, so that the audience can re-experience the temperature of home and life. Through the original intention of creating various cultural and creative products, they can regain their enthusiasm for life and make ordinary days a little different.

Year of implementation : 2021
Project Client : Taoyuan Cultural Bureau