With creative planning, texture design, and optimistic and fearless lean team

Starting from the art creation exchange platform in 2013, several young members tried to explore various new opportunities for art life through illustrations. After experiencing the experience of gift development, integrated marketing, and event curation, they hope to magnify the beauty of art creation in life. Emotional and creative value, Daphne Hsieh Xie Huiying, who has been deeply involved in international educational institutions for a long time, reorganized the organization in 2018. It is committed to improving the aesthetics of public life, attaching importance to cultural elements and meanings, advocating the transformative power of aesthetic design, and seeking both creativity and texture for customers. s solution.

Professional creative team

A professional team composed of graphic designers, dynamic designers, creative marketing departments and senior project planners with rich market experience has both creativity, aesthetics and humanistic culture, connecting the energy between different fields, and delivering it in an accurate and effective way value.

Project planning execution

From graphic design, brand identity construction, dynamic image production, merchandise and packaging design, to event planning, curatorial planning, marketing strategy planning, etc., through the team’s diverse and rich project experience and professional execution capabilities, it can meet various needs. .

Cross-disciplinary cooperation experience

The team is committed to promoting the connection between art and commerce, art and public government departments, and has rich experience in cross-disciplinary cooperation and exchange. Through high-quality communication skills and professional technical cooperation, the efficiency and integrity of project content and execution can be effectively improved.

Create aesthetic possibilities

With the goal of improving the aesthetics of public life, through the innovative thinking and creative momentum of the team, the resources are maximized. With the breakthrough of the team, it is expected that there will be more diverse possibilities in the future.